My music services

Songwriting, composing,  music arrangement

I create music for other artists and bands, but also music for videogame makers, film makers and etc.
My music is based on a guitar sound and strong rhytmic fuoundations, but also with an emphasis on melody and memorability.
I´m good in the following music genres:rock, blues, pop, jazz, folk, funk, rock´n´roll, rythm´n´blues, pop, hip hop, pop rock, hard rock, punk, metal, HC, djent, alternative. 
My favourites artists are:Tom Waits, Rory Gallagher, Steve Morse, Buddy Guy, BB King, ZZ Top, Beck, Jeff Beck, Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, Bruce Springsteen, Joe Bonamassa, Jonny Lang, Deep Purple, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Tool, Neil Young, Ray Charles, Howlin Wolf,  Krucipüsk, Prago Union, Petr Kalandra, Vladimír Mišík, Ivan Hlas, RZA, Busta Rhymes, Apollo Brown, Narvan, Eric Clapton and more.
If you need new music…feel free to contact me.
Export: demo records, music sheets, tabulatures or MIDI.
Audio mixing, editing and mastering.
Do you need another pair of ears?  
Send me your recordings or audio files. I´ll take great care of it.
I´ll make your music pop out with the right balance and modern approach.
Price list:
Mix: per song –  120 USD
Mastering: per song, audio file – 40 USD
Audio editing, cuts: 20USD per hour  
Please, send me your stereo audio files or batch exports in the best possible quality (recording quality). Ideally in 24bit/44.1 (or more) kHz.
Ideally loudness: single track/mixing: around-18dB; mastering: around -6dB (just let me some room on the stereo bus).